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Costco Recalls Smoked Salmon Sold to Quarter of a Million Customers

Of two brands recalled, only one has been linked to European outbreak

Food Safety news
By Gretchen Goetz | October 4, 2012

Costco Wholesale – the only U.S. carrier of the European smoked salmon that’s been linked to hundreds of Salmonella illnesses in the Netherlands – issued a recall of the fish Monday, using its automated system to call the nearly 250,000 U.S. consumers who had purchased the product over the past month.

The recalled smoked salmon was sold across the United States under two brands: Foppen and Kirkland Signature. Both products were manufactured by Foppen, a Netherlands-based company. The Foppen-branded fish was processed at a plant in Greece, while the Kirkland Signature-branded fish came from a plant in the Netherlands, according to Craig Wilson, Costco’s director of food safety.

So far only the Foppen smoked salmon from the Greek facility has tested positive for Salmonella, Wilson told Food Safety News. The Kirkland Signature fish was recalled out of extra precaution, he says.

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