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Bakery was warned of food-handling problems

Kim North Shine, Detroit Free Press
March 13, 2002

A Clinton Township bakery found by health officials to have sold tainted cannoli and cake that sickened at least 100 people with salmonella was told by the state in the past to cease improperly handling food, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Agriculture said Tuesday.

After a November 2000 inspection, Black Forest bakery workers were told to avoid using bare hands on food, spokeswoman Sara Linsmeier said. The bakery’s last inspections took place last Thursday and Friday after a hospital reported a case of salmonella poisoning to the Macomb County Health Department.

The tainted food was thrown out after last week’s inspections, and employees were taught safe practices, Linsmeier said. She said there will be a review of the incident so the department can determine whether more serious action should be taken.

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